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EATtheENEMY started on a whim on January 12, 2015, as we wandered the aisles of our local grocery store trying to decide what to make for the upcoming national championship game between our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks. Passing over the wings, nachos, and pizza we’d had far too much of the past season, somehow we stumbled onto duck bacon in the meat section, and in a flash of inspiration, EATtheENEMY was born.  

Hours later, comfortably situated in front of our big screen and noshing on duck bacon-wrapped dates, we were thrilled to watch the Buckeyes defeat the Ducks 42-20 in the very first College Football Playoff national championship game.

For every Ohio State football game since that victory, we have prepared a special EATtheENEMY menu, including an appetizer or side, main dish, dessert, and cocktail.

Learning about and trying the different regional foods has been fun and entertaining, so much so that we decided a blog would help us spread the word and the recipes to other fans. Thanks to all of the great recipe creators on the internet for letting us borrow and adapt your recipes for EATtheENEMY!

“We” are Kate and Jeff, born-and-bred Ohioans and rabid Buckeye fans (though strangely enough, neither of us attended OSU!) living in the Chicago suburbs. Sometime in the near future, we plan to travel to some of these locations to get a little more local flavor.  But for now, we can always eat like we’re on “enemy turf,” and tell the stories that go along with each of the foods.

Every Sunday during football season, check back for a new batch of recipes from EATtheENEMY, so you have time to plan before gameday and impress your friends with a few fun facts.

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