Jersey Devil

The legend of the Jersey Devil tells us the cursed 13th child of a Pine Barrens, NJ, couple transformed into a winged creature with a blood curdling scream and a taste for local residents–which takes the idea of “eating the enemy” just a little too far.  Soothe your fears with the apple and cranberry flavors in this refreshing autumn cocktail! Read More…

Oregon State: When You Feel Like Pelting a Few Beavers

Welcome to kickoff for EATtheENEMY, where you’ll find delicious, team-themed recipes to enjoy during the game, whether you’re tailgating at the stadium or kickin’ back in your favorite recliner watching the big screen. We’re huge Buckeye fans, so each Sunday during football season we’ll post recipes related to Ohio State’s opponent for the upcoming Saturday game. We’ll brush up on a few interesting facts (MEETtheENEMY), rustle up some tasty grub (EATtheENEMY), and shake a fine cocktail to wash it all down (DRINKtheENEMY)–all focused on the opposing team. We think of it as a little “sympathetic magic” to help our boys in scarlet and grey on their way to victory each week…

This week’s menu for Oregon State University at Ohio State University on September 1, 2018 (12:00pm Eastern time on ABC):
Appetizer:  Northwest Bruschetta
Main:  White Cheddar and Bacon Mac & Cheese
Dessert:  Oregon Berry Cobbler
Cocktail:  Wild Beaver

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